Lehrstuhl für Verfahrenstechnik des industriellen Umweltschutzes // Montanuniversitaet Leoben

Packed Columns DN 450/DN 600

The pilot size plant (Made from PP, F-Faktoren bis 7 Pa½) comprises two columns DN450 and DN600, which can be used alternately as saturator or measurement column. The columns are in modular form and allow up to 2m random or structured packing to be incorperated.

The plant is so designed that an exact measurement of the hydraulic properties, such as pressure loss, Hold-up and flood point of the internals in water-air tests at atmospheric pressure is possible. Furthermore, the material properties of the packings via an absorptions/desorptions system (eg. NH3-air-water) can be measured. The experimental results can be used as a basis for new and further development of rating programs for seperation efficient internals.



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Packed Columns DN 450/DN 600