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Spray Scrubber DN 150

The test rig (Stainless Steel, Gas flow approx. 100-200 m³/h) is consipated as a scaled down version of an industrial waste gas wet scrubbing process and comprises two closed loops, the absorber and the desorber loop. Using the control system, the online raw and purified gas analysis and a controlled gas mixing system, the carrier gas can be flowed through the absorber in a closed loop. The carrier gas can be upgraded after purification by re-dosing the absorbed components (SO2, CO2), thus allowing a constant input gas concentration during operation. The absorber is built in modular form which allows a multi stage combination of spray and eventualy packing modules. The seperate sump is complimented with stirrer, heating, gassing, sorbent input and pH measurement, so that a re-creation of chalk-REA operation is possible.

As well as tests to find the chalk-REA operation parameters, further testing has been successfully conducted with other absorption materials including Seewater-REA and the CO2-MEA process. In the latter process, the sorptions fluid was regenerated using the desorber loop.



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Spray Scrubber DN 150