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Laser Laboratory


Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV respectively. time-resolved PIV) reconstructs the speed vector field of a gas or fluid flow via analysis of the moveme … read more ›


Laser Induced Fluoroscence (LIF) allows the acquisition of scalar concentrations or temperature fields, such as species concentrations, pH-Values or t … read more ›

High Speed Photography

The following camera types are available: Special for high speed video such as Spray decay processes and time-resolved PIV two Imager Pro HS4 (Comp … read more ›

Laser Source

The laser source used is double pulsed Neodym-doped Yttrium-Aluminium-Garnet laser (Nd:YAG), laser class 4 (highest class), with a wavelength of 527nm … read more ›
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Laser Laboratory