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Laser Source

The laser source used is double pulsed Neodym-doped Yttrium-Aluminium-Garnet laser (Nd:YAG), laser class 4 (highest class), with a wavelength of 527nm (Neon green light). The system is complemented with a water cooling system. The energy per double pulse is 2 x 22,5 mJ with a pulse duration of 10ns and a rate of 1000 Hz. The maximum pulse rate per laser activity is 20 kHz.

This type of laser is often used in optical flow measurements due to the high power output and the exact beam quality. A laser conducting arm with a lense creates the light section or plane and due to its mobilty, allows the position of the light to be corrected as required.

Furthermore, an air cooled continuous 300 mW Argon-Ino laser is available e.g. for LIF experiments.


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Laser Source