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Simultaneous Thermal Analysis

The Simultaneous Thermal Analysis combines in one measurement, the thermogravimetry (TG) with the Difference-Thermalanalysis (DTA). The chair offers a simultaneous TG-DTA/DSC Apparatus, model STA 449C (Company: Netzsch Gerätebau GmbH) as basis with a micro balance complete with electronic load compensation as top loader with motorised oven elevating system. The maximum sample size is 5g (including sample holder) with a resolution of 0,1µg.

The integrated MFC-Gas control system is for non-corrosive and non-explosive gases/mixtures with a flow rate of 5 ml/min to 250 ml/min (resolution 1 ml/min N2) and is controlled and registered with a software control system.

The high temperature oven with Rh-Spiral heater and integrated protective sleeve for gas purging as well as inbuilt control thermocouple Type S has a temperature range from 25 to1400°C (this is only limited by the sealing). Heating rates between 0,01 and 20 K/min are possible.

The evacuating system is designed for automatic operation via a two stage rotary vane pump (4m3/h). The gas transfer adapter for the coupled gas analysis (FTIR and QMS) is heated to bis 230°C.

Loss of mass and DSC signal from a thermogravimetric analysis of a residual product. The DSC allows the determination of the reaction type (exothermic or endothermic) and thus for example a decomposition or conversion.


 A time-resolved FTIR-Spektrum; the time axis interval is 10 min or approximately a 200°C Temperature increase.


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Simultaneous Thermal Analysis