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CO2 Utilization

In the course of the climate debate, it is seen that anthropogenic CO2 emissions play an important role in global warming. Aside from the investigation of the process to extract CO2 from a gas flow, a work group is currently working on different processes to utilize the CO2 as a raw material.

Using a laboratory scale model, a heterogeneous gas catalytic reaction produces Methane using CO2 and Hydrogen up to 20 bar. This methanisation reaction is not only one way to meaningfully utilize CO2 but is also an option for the chemical storage of renewable energy. This concept, known as the Power-To-Gas concept is currently being studied in further projects (Research Studio Austria, e!mission.at) within a consortium of Austrian research and industrial organisations, the main partner being the energy institute at the JKU, linz.

A previously primarily as a storage option for CO2 Technology, the mineralization and carbonation of mineral raw materials is being investigated in cooperation with other chairs of the University of Mining concerning the possibility for the use of the resulting products.

In addition, procedural aspects of the production of microalgae are being researched, such as their efficient separation from the carrier liquid


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CO2 Utilization