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Renewable and Secondary Materials Processing

Increasing the resource efficiency by way of utilization of the renewable as well as secondary materials is practically always coupled with a corresponding process technological treatment. The aim is via a mechanical and/or thermal process, to separate the resources and impurities from the mass flow and for further utilization, create a treated and suitable material. Coupled with established industrial processes of primary industry, synergies can be achieved respectively the closing of material and energy cycles, which make processes economically attractive.

For example the chair is currently investigating the dry and wet mechanical treatment of waste materials from various sources for the production of a polyolefin and polystyrol rich fraction which can be further utilized in a thermal or thermochemical process to give a petrochemical intermediate.

A further focus is the coupling of biogas plants with processes from primary industry, for example the cement industry. Furthermore, the process technical aspects of the treatment of oil rich micro algae are being investigated.

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Renewable and Secondary Materials Processing