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Gas Cleaning and Gas Conditioning

Processes for gas cleaning and treatment play a central role in many industrial areas, as well as in industrial environmental protection. The chair is engaged in the area of gas cleaning/treatment for many years, on the one hand with basic scientific problems and on the other hand with the applied industrial application.

Amongst others, a series of technological innovations in the area of waste gas scrubbers for power stations were conceived which nowadays comprise state of the art, for example the REAplus-Concept (Andritz Energy & Environment).

The experimental acquisition and simulation of the heat and mass transfer in multiphase flows (spray, packings) constitutes a further central area within the activities of gas cleaning. In the technical centre of the chair, pilot size test facilities are available, which allow research and development under near to industrial conditions: Absorber/Desorber (stainless steel), DN150; structured, respectively random packing columns DN450 and DN600 (Polypropylene). Here the emphasis is on the hydraulic measurement and the determination of the mass transfer coefficients for the different packing types for both Adsorber and Desorber systems. The facilities are complemented with a comprehensive gas analysis system (mobile FTIR, O2-Detector, FID, HELOS, gravimetrical particle size measurement …) and an online data acquisition and control system.

As well as wet scrubber technology, pollutant building mechanisms (Sox, NOx) and emission control measures in the main area of iron and steel metallurgy are investigated: Sintering plants, coking plant heating systems and cowper. These activities are conducted within the sscope of the COMET-Program K1-Met. As well as experimental investigations, flow simulation methods (CFD) coupled with pollutant building models are utilized.

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Gas Cleaning and Gas Conditioning